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What Clients think:

“…After careful review with my team, I decided to go ahead with their top package. I’m very pleased with the results. Today, I am published in over 500+ publications and have gained over 10,000 targeted followers on Instagram so far. I can confidently say that the CAVIAR Social team is instrumental to my account growth and social media presence.”

– Mark D. EverndenLuxury Real Estate Advisor

Why CAVIAR Social PR?

Boutique Agency

We are a high-end marketing agency based out in Toronto, Canada. All work and press writing is done by our professional journalists. 

Increase Fame

With every single press release you do with CAVIAR Social, you increase chances of Verification and fame, as you can see below with Joe.

Money-Back Guarantee

For specific outlets such as Yahoo! and Forbes, you will get a full refund if not featured. You are already guaranteed to be featured on 300+ outlets a month.

Increase Profits

Businesses and people that are featured on Google and on top outlets end up making much more money. Branding and brand trust is a bulletproof strategy.


Check out our client who got verified on his Instagram using PR:

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$197  $2,000

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Other benefits of joining:

On top of your 300+ press releases a month, here are some bonuses.

Verification Becomes EasyClient Only Premium PR DealsIncrease Fame and BrandingAdd “Featured on” to Bio/SitePromote Products/Services

Best of Yet, Get tons of Googleback-links every month (SEO):

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The timer has expired!

$197  $2,000

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Cart open for a limited time only.  Get Access Now!

Frequently asked questions

What is the guarantee/refund policy?

You are guaranteed to get featured on 300+ press links on sites such as FOX, NBC, CBS, Digital Journal and many more. If you do not, we will refund you.

However it is 100% guaranteed anyway.

Please keep the PR content professional to ensure it does not get taken down off Google.

How long does it take to distribute?

Most PR packages do not take longer than a week, once the content is written.

How do I know this is legit?

You can check us out at www.caviar.social or @caviar.social to see more testimonials and case studies.

You’re in good hands, we have been doing social media growth and press since 2013.

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