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Grow your Instagram to new heights with your own CAVIAR Personal Community Manager.

Time is money.

If you are running an online business or personal brand you know the importance of time. With CAVIAR Social, we save your time by doing all the hard work for you – we engage with your target audience on Instagram, grow your followers with targeted users, and convert leads into customers.

No More Outreaching.

We do heavy lifting for you and take care of all the outreach work so you don’t have to worry about it. All you need to do is sign up and watch how your CAVIAR Social community manager brings in thousands of followers per month.

Scale It Up.

The interesting thing about CAVIAR Social is that we can scale as much or as little as you need us to. If you want more followers, likes or comments, we can make it happen. This organic service is the first step into a world of premium Instagram services.


Lock in the exclusive rate.

We reduced the pricing by 70% for new clients only, for a limited time only.

Add to CartPrices will increase back to $1,000/mo

Ten plus hours of growth daily; morning to night even on holidays.

Unfollowing management, to keep your ratio looking super good.

Engaging with real people who will follow you and purchase from you.


Hire your own IG Community Manager today and get these instant perks.



Viral Growth and Celeb SweepstakesDMing New Followers Any MessageDeals on Engagement PackagesViral Ads ManagementVIP Content ManagementSales and Automation Management

Fake and Bot Followers Ruin Your Page and Business.

Your Instagram followers are a valuable asset that attract your desired clients and customers. Make sure to keep them and develop them! CAVIAR Social is an Instagram agency that provides you with a team of human social media managers who will take care of building your community and growing your leads.

Real Growth

We only gain you real followers that you can message and engage with. They can be all local if you wish.

Earn More

With CAVIAR Social, we make our clients money, that is what great marketers do.

Gain anywhere from 500 to 50K+ followers per month, depending on your page, and service level options you choose.
This service is 100% organic, it’s not super fast since we need to abide by Instagram’s terms of use.

You can add options to increase the speed of growth, such as viral sweepstakes or ads.We use 100% real phones. Our managers are from Canada, USA and Europe.Tell your friends and colleagues about CAVIAR Social, and we will do your management for free, or even pay you depending on how many people you bring!You can cancel this service at any time, there are no contracts or long term commitments, as seen with many other boutique agencies.Our growth and strategies are trusted, just take a look at our main homepage to learn more about our clients: www.caviar.social

Take the sweat out of Instagram.

We have reduced the price by over 70% for a limited time only. Make sure to lock in the rate!

Add to CartPrices will increase back to $1,000/mo

What Clients Think

“After careful review with my team, I decided to go ahead with their top package. I’m very pleased with the results. Today, I am published in over 300+ publications and have gained over 9,500 targeted followers on Instagram so far. I can confidently say that the CAVIAR Social team is instrumental to my account growth and social media presence.”

Mark D. Evernden – Luxury Realtor

“CAVIAR Social are awesome! They’re professional, courteous, and highly responsive to all of my questions. Managing your own social media profiles can be overwhelming. It’s great to have a team you can trust to handle your growth and engagement. Highly recommend!”

Lumen Beltran, Actress

“I have only worked with CAVIAR for a short while but in that time I
have seen amazing growth. I joined with CAVIAR at the very beginning of
creating my platform and they helped me see what was helpful for my
business and the best ways for it to grow on social media. The customer
service they have provided me is unlike anything I have ever experienced
and I feel as though my every need was taken care of. 100% worth every
penny and would recommend to anyone looking to grow their local

Brooke Hvizdak – Realtor

“CAVIAR’s social media strategy and the solution had an almost immediate impact on my brand. They were able to increase the engagement in record time. They Mmnage my social media platform and coach me on the industry best practices. This resulted in a high-value client win within the first three weeks of working with them. Meanwhile, getting booked for Instagram campaigns as an influencer! They understood what I need to monetize Instagram and built a custom campaign perfect for me that reached a large percentage of my potential client base with minimal effort on my part—leaving me free to focus on the core business. I think my favorite asset about them is that they have outstanding client service, unlike their competitors that I’ve worked within the past! Frankie is easy to get in touch with and understands what we are trying to accomplish. I highly recommend CAVIAR – Hire if you are looking to build your online presence and social media platforms aggressively – all at a very reasonable price.”

Chloe Field – Influencer/Model

“I have had tough times finding someone trustworthy to help me manage my Instagram. Not only did I find this business trustworthy, but CAVIAR gave me an intelligent, well organized, creative, and professional plan delivered on time at a good rate by someone with skill and enthusiasm to boot!”

Demian MSW RSW

The Time Is Now.

At just 297/mo, you just cannot go wrong…

Your personal manager will grow your page for 12 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. Many social media managers charge over $50 per hour, which means you are saving over $18,000 dollars every month by hiring a CAVIAR Social Community Manager.

Your manager will keep your account safer than if you were to engage yourself, as they keep their engagement within Instagram limits. Plus, you access to more perks, feature and growth strategies by signing up.

Gain targeted followers today.

Take the first step in growing your IG with no risk, you can cancel at anytime.

Add to CartPrices will increase back to $1,000/mo

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the expected results?

This is different for everyone. It depends on your page, branding, current growth, niche/industry and your content. Generally speaking you should gain 500 to 10,000 followers a month. You also get access to other managers that can increase this in a viral manner.

Is it safe?

Yes, our services are 100% safe, because we engage with real phones. Your managers will have your account on a secure private mobile network, on a private phone, just as if you were using Instagram. These are CAVIAR’s managers only, we do not outsource work.

Will this deal go away?

Yes, this is a limited time offer deal. Once the timer runs out, unfortunately you will be redirected to our homepage. We are looking to work with serious clients who want some serious Instagram offer.

Can I still post?

Yes, posting is not included in this package, therefore you can continue posting normally. We just ask you follow and like less people, since your manager will already be engaging daily.

Last Chance, Don’t Miss Out.

Secure your price at $297/mo – Limited Clients Accepted.

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Prices will increase back to $1,000/mo

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